zodiacs w/ sex


aries- gay
taurus - likes anal
gemini - bdsm freak
cancer - vanilla as fuck
leo - dominant
virgo - practicing abstinence
libra - probably a furry
scorpio - S&M by Rihanna
Sagittarius - will try anything
Capricorn - freaky ass bitch
Aquarius - Skeptical but still a slut
Pisces - horny and dtf w/ anyone

things that have no chill



-automatic toilets

-people who clap when the plane lands


just saw a post accusing Obama of working for the government


Ed Sheeran tells a classic joke!


“I love you, I do. But I am afraid of making that love too important. Because you’re always going to leave me. We can’t deny it. You’re always going to leave.”
— Everyday (David Levithan)

5 Seconds Of Summer answering patient questions at Seacrest Studios